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Bob Seymore. STATUARY

Hello, and welcome to the fantastic  world of STATUARY. This detail driven living statue company, has brought a full range of entertainment to its guests since 2011. The living statue performer is Bob Seymore, owner and operator of STATUARY. 


 Bob has been performing world classic pantomime since the age of 11 and has performed in many events throughout the southeast.

He has a developed eye for detail with each of his living statue characters,  capturing the realism look of metal or stone.


Each of his living statue characters can make any event into something extremely special. He has a beautiful talent of engaging all the guests that come into an event, making them feel welcomed and happy to be there. Great photo opp for your guests.


Working closely with the client, Bob can also customize a character themed to your special event.​ 

"It's always about treating your guests as though they were coming into your home." Bob.


Thank you for checking out  STATUARY..........

Where ILLLUSION comes to LIFE !


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